Dr.Web Light 6.0.6

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Mac OS X
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June 06, 2013

Dr.Web Light for Mac OS X is a reliable way to protect your Mac from a variety of threats. The scanner is based on the latest virus detection and removal technologies. You can use it to scan your system whenever you like.


Main Features:

  • Start express or full system scan or select files and folders to check.
  • Check the suspicious files and folders by simple dragging them onto the anti-virus window.
  • Take advantage of the scan pausing to preserve the battery power of your Mac and resume the anti-virus check whenever it is convenient for you.
  • Set up the automatic reactions of the anti-virus for different types of threats or select actions for each detected threat manually.
  • Move the suspicious objects to quarantine, where they are isolated and cannot do harm to your Mac.
  • Set up the sound alerts on detecting and deleting threats or moving them to quarantine.
  • Select the time interval to download virus databases updates.
  • Create a list of the files and folders to exclude from scanning.
  • Be familiar with the latest news about viruses and other security threats, as well as about the products of Doctor Web, by reading them directly in the application window.

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