Google App Engine SDK 1.8.2

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Mac OS X
Date Added:
July 19, 2013
Latest Version
Google App Engine SDK 1.8.7
Old Versions
Google App Engine SDK 1.8.6
Google App Engine SDK 1.8.5
Google App Engine SDK 1.8.4
Google App Engine SDK 1.8.3
Google App Engine SDK 1.8.2
Google App Engine SDK 1.8.1
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Google App Engine lets you run web applications on Google's infrastructure. App Engine applications are easy to build, easy to maintain, and easy to scale as your traffic and data storage needs grow. With App Engine, there are no servers to maintain: You just upload your application, and it's ready to serve your users.


Google App Engine makes it easy to build an application that runs reliably, even under heavy load and with large amounts of data. App Engine includes the following features:

  • dynamic web serving, with full support for common web technologies
  • persistent storage with queries, sorting and transactions
  • automatic scaling and load balancing
  • APIs for authenticating users and sending email using Google Accounts
  • a fully featured local development environment that simulates Google App Engine on your computer
  • task queues for performing work outside of the scope of a web request
  • scheduled tasks for triggering events at specified times and regular intervals
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