IceClean 3.4.8

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Mac OS X
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July 06, 2013

IceClean is a powerful System Maintenance and Optimization Tool using only UNIX built-in System Tasks to help your Mac stay healty and to keep it running smoothly.


System Maintenance Process & Infos

  • Full System Profiler
  • Periodic Routine Scripts
  • Verify Preferences .plist files
  • Repair Permissions
  • Update Prebindings
  • Update Locate & Whatis Databases
  • Rebuild Launchservices
  • Unix MAN Pages
  • Call Terminal & Console

System Cleanup

  • Remove Root & User System Caches
  • Deep Safari Cleanup
  • Font Caches Cleanup
  • Remove Safari Icons
  • Remove Log fIles
  • Remove .Localized & Temporary files


  • Spotlight features (Rebuild, Optimize, Remove Databases. Show Spotlight Index Status, Enable or Disable. Spotlilght Indexing)
  • Dashboard ON/OFF
  • Time Machine Backup Now Option
  • Show Hidden Files and Folders
  • Force Relaunch Dock and Finder
  • Show Finder 'Quit' Item
  • Enable or Disable Finder Animations
  • Rebuild Finder Menu Icons
  • Force Empty All Trashes
  • Completely remove .DS_Store Files
  • Disable .DS_Store files from creating on Network
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