IceFloor 1.5

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Mac OS X
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July 06, 2013
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IceFloor 2.0 Beta
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IceFloor 1.5

IceFloor is the first OS X free graphic frontend for PF. Configure the PF firewall in a few clicks using a very simple interface and a step by step in-app configuration guide.


Main features:

  • define inbound filtering rules, allow connections to your services only from a selected list of IP address
  • define outbound filtering rules, block connections to services like p2p or chat
  • enable Emerging Threats to block dangerous hosts using a free on line service
  • enable SSH brute force protection to block ssh attacks
  • protect your network services with Port Knocking
  • see PF logs and graphic statistics , manage logs entries, get whois and dns records, place logs exceptions.
  • Block unwanted connections on the fly using Network Connection Inspector, setup network accounting using PF labels.
  • configure a dual homed NAT gateway with port forwarding to share internet connection with other computers in your LAN and export services
  • configure advanced PF and network options
  • Browse PF ruleset edit, add, remove PF rules, anchors, tables, lists, labels, configuration files. Build your own PF ruleset.
  • PDF documentation included for IceFloor and PF ; contextual helps available for every IceFloor feature.
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