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July 06, 2013

Magican is a free mac app gets Mac clean in cache delete, duplicate remove, antiTrojan and app delete, also a mac monitor, monitor systems, CPU usage and fan speed detector.


One-Click Clean

  • Magican cleans Macs with a one-stop solution, regardless if you're cleaning infected files or redundant data, both can be permanently deleted or moved to the trash at will by using Magican.

Delete Duplicates

  • One or more folders can be dragged directly into the induction zone in order to detect duplicates. All duplicate files can be listed checking and removal.

Clean Browser Caches

  • Cleaning those caches would make online browsing smoothly. Still Safari, Chrome and Firefox are supported.

Scan Antivirus

  • Quick Scan
    • Click the Quick Scan icon to quickly scan for the viruses on your Mac. Click remove to remove the viruses and related files in seconds.
  • Custom Scan
    • Magican scans for the specific files or folders that you select.
  • Full Scan
    • Detect each file on your Mac, even system files. Full scan help you safeguard your Mac against viruses and give you all-around protection.

Monitor System Data in Real-time

  • Magican monitors Mac with pictorial symbols easy for users to understand. Stat pictorials include: CPU, disk, memory, sensor and network speed.

One-Click Updates

  • As well as reminding users of available app updates, Magican also helps download and install these apps in just one-click.

Delete Apps Completely

  • Magican can completely uninstall unwanted apps, including all related unwanted files.

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