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Aug 29, 2013
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TeXnicle 2.2.5
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TeXnicle is a LaTeX editor and project organiser for Mac OS X with a feature-rich interface to help you manage your LaTeX projects.


Manage your project

  • TeXnicle provides a simple tree view of your project.
  • Adding files to your TeXnicle project couldn't be easier. Using the context menu, the main menu or simply by drag-and-drop from the Finder, you can quickly import existing files or directories of files in to your project. TeXnicle offers you the choice of leaving the files where they are on disk, or copying them to the project folder.

Document outline

  • TeXnicle generates a live document outline.
  • Clicking on one of the sections in the outline takes you straight to the relevant file in the editor.


  • TeXnicle has a built-in bookmark manager. Clicking on the line-number in the editor sets a bookmark.
  • Bookmarks appear in the bookmark manager tab. All bookmarks in the project are shown grouped by file.
  • You can type-select line numbers to jump quickly to bookmarks, or use menu options and shortcut keys to cycle through bookmarks.

Compile your project

  • TeXnicle can be configured to use your LaTeX installation to compile projects using pdflatex or latex or any other compiler. By default TeXnicle is configured for use with a MacTeX installation. The number of typesetting steps can be configured, a bibtex step can be included, and a ps2pdf step can be included when typesetting with latex .
  • TeXnicle also has a flexible engine system which allows users to define new engines to compile different types of projects. By default, TeXnicle comes with engines for pdflatex, latex, latexmk, and context.

Code Library

  • The built-in code library of TeXnicle can be used to store frequently used bits of TeX code.
  • The snippets can be oragnised in to folders and a compiled preview of the code snippet is shown. Code snippets can easily be dragged in to the current document. Snippets can also be assigned a shortcut command code which can be used to auto-expand in the tex editor complete with placeholders.

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